IBH Automation Spare Parts

IBH Macro Modus

We have complete spare parts for the IBH Macro CNC Control

The exact model is IBH Macro Modus 80

H6.0.000 V1A3

Get the best price for the parts. Shipping Worldwide.

You can ask any questions / request specific parts and make inquiries via our email:

sales@lazertek.org or eminkocak@gmail.com

Some significant parts are as below:


IBH Converter CL / V24 (NEW)

IBH CRT Monitor (NEW)

IBH 186 4AX


IBH CPU86 Basis

IBH CPU86 Servo

IBH CMOS Board 64K Spare Part

IBH AD Board

IBH Macro Keyboard Controller IBH H6.5.004

8-8 I/O Board 500mA

NC Datadrive GNT 7102

BRM-4S Servo Drive AC Brushless

BRM-S Servo Drive DC Brushless

BRM-P1 Servo Drive Power Supply


(click on the images to englare)



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Last Updated: 09/29/2011



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