Control Techniques FNC-5 Spare Parts   

We have the complete FNC-5 system as spare parts

Get the best price for the parts. Shipping Worldwide.

You can ask any questions / request specific parts and make inquiries via our email:



Some significant parts are listed as below:

FNC-5 Power Supply Module C80021/3.0 (SOLD)

FNC-5 Memory Module (SOLD)

FNC-5 Servo Module (SOLD)

FNC-5 I/O Module (SOLD)

FNC Remote I/O Unit (Part No: C11022)  (SOLD)

FNC-5 Keyboard Board (Part No: C20029/3.0) (SOLD)

FNC-5 Keyboard | Trackball | Soft Keys (SOLD)

Control Techniques FNC-5 CRT Display Monitor and Panel

FNC-5 Motherboard (Part No: 0012669090001SX)



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